Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

May 12 2014- Email #95

Family and Friends,

D&C 6:36 is one of my favorite scriptures. It has been been a mission slogan for me. I have chosen various scriptures that mean a lot to me as a missionary and I repeat them each morning before my personal study. This week was difficult in the sense that I have still been sick the majority of the time; though I can now gladly say I am doing much better. Trials are part of this life and I love the scriptures that give hope, motivate, and inspire to be better and trust in God always.

This week was full of training meetings for a lot of the mission. We traveled and had multi-zone conferences in more than 6 zones. It was really cool because in each conference I feel like the Spirit guided the missionaries and us in a bit of a different direction. The Spirit is so key in having a successful and productive day in the mission field.

Always after visiting a zone and doing a conference we leave with the Elders in their respective areas to help them with their investigators and whatever else they need. This week was really good and I enjoyed working with some really great missionaries. At nights we sleep on the floor with a sleeping bag that we carry around with us everywhere! It is interesting…haha I feel like I am camping sometimes.

In our own area we worked Friday and Saturday this week. I believe last week I explained how we have not been having too much success while working in our own area…we have made a resolution that while working in our area we needed to start working more with members and we needed to do more activities. Friday we worked out a movie night in the school in our area. We got permission to set up our projector and put on some movies Saturday night. The sad thing was that it rained AGAIN! Literally the two times we have intended do this activity it has rained super hard…it is not cool.

The activity was cool though, we had about 35 people there and they really enjoyed the movie. By doing this activity we met these 4 really cool young men who all told us they would go to church the next day. We were excited about that because doing the activity is not exactly easy to set up and it takes a good amount of time. It was totally worth it though.

Sunday we had the 4 young men in church. The most positive is named Marcos. He is 17 and his girlfriend of 2 years in also a member but more or less inactive. He came and he has actually been to church before and he really likes it. We had a lesson last night with him after we got off Skype and he has a little bit of fear of being baptized but we are optimistic that he will accept and understand why he needs to do it with time.

That is about it for this week! Today for P-Day we invited another zone who is having success to come to the mission home with us and play sand volleyball and soccer and eat lunch with President and his Family. Go P-Day! I am a bit stressed out haha so I need it.

Love you all! Have a great week and never forget to shine.


Elder Ty Russell


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