Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

May 5 2014- Email #94

Family and Friends,

This Sunday is Mothers Day and I would like to send a quick shout-out to the best Mom in the entire world! How do I know she is the best mother in the world? She raised me…and survived! Haha thanks for everything you do for me Mom, I love you.

This week was really interesting…I have been really sick. Tuesday morning I literally could not even get out of bed without feeling a horrible pain in my stomach. The hard thing was that we had a leaders council that very morning with the Zone Leaders and I had to share a message and participate. My companions gave me a preisthood blessing and I got up and showered to get ready for the meeting. I have been sick for about the whole week before with “stomach problems”… I will let you guess…haha but Tuesday it was the worst. The nurse had me take a few tests at the clinic and it turns out I have have a giant parasite latched onto my stomach and it has grown and multiplied…apparently I have a stomach fungus and a bunch of eggs and little parasites too. The nurse gave me my pills to kill the parasites and now I am feeling much better. In total I have to take 40 pills to kill the parasites…4 pills a day for 10 days! This is no ordinary parasite!! I feel honored…

Even sick, the Lord needs His work hastened and that is just what I tried to do. We were in Mazate on Wednesday for a multi-zone conference with President and it went really well. Motivating missionaries is a fun job and I really enjoy the Spirit the missionaries bring as they come prepared to learn and be better missionaries.

I spent the afternoon in Chicacao…one of the tougher areas in the mission to get baptisms. It was a great day because I was with a new missionary. He only has one month in the field and he has a great desire to work. We spent the entire day just tracting… knocking doors… talking to everyone. We found lots of great positve people and I am sure they will be having baptisms soon.

Early Thursday morning we had another zone conference in San Felipe…close to Retalhuleu. It went well just as in Mazate. I got to work Thursday with another really great pair of missionaries. I had the chance to get to know their most positive investigators and I interviewed them for baptism and both were ready to accept. I really have enjoyed going around to get to know some of the most chosen people ready for baptism in the mission. It is really motivating to keep looking for those who are looking for the truth. The area where I worked is one of the smallest branches in the mission…the church is literally just a little house the church rents and puts the sign on the wall…haha I was so shocked when I saw that it was the church!

In our own area we are a bit out of luck. In our 3 days in our area to work we have been working like crazy every day but we just can’t seem to have success for some reason. We are searching for a solution and tonight we have planned to put the church movie “The Testaments” with a giant projector in a central part of our area. We made invitations Saturday and we have invited the entire village to the movie night. We hope to have a lot of participation and get some referrals through the activity. We need to stop working so dang hard with our feet and start working harder with our heads!

That is about it for this week! There are good people in every part of this world…I feel so blessed to be out here in Guatemala getting to know the people here. Many have hard hearts….many have no desire to get to know what is the truth but all the work is so very worth it when some simple, humble soul accepts the truth. I know God is a God of miracles and he will bless me with a miracle this week!

Thanks for all the support I receive from you guys. I feel your prayers and love.


Elder Russell


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