Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

March 3 2014- Email #85

Family and Friends,

This week flew right by…but it was a good week. To be honest we worked really well. We have not been able to work a lot with the members of the church but by ourselves we have found and we are currently teaching like 9 positive families. The Lord has been blessing us in abundance in these past few weeks and we are just trying to do our part by teaching by the Spirit and taking advantage of the good situation we are in right now. There are times of trial in the mission but there are also times of abundance. We had 6 investigators in church on Sunday. 3 of the 9 families actually came and are now progressing well. We still have lots of work to do with the other 6 families. It has been a busy busy week to be short. 

It was a great experience this week as well because we had Stake Conference which helped us a lot. Stake Conference was great. President Ruiz came to all 3 sessions and spoke. It was marvelous because he gave a powerful message and I know that the investigators who attended the conference were touched. We were running around like crazy this week inviting the whole world to Stake Conference. We even made invitations to the conference so we could commit the members and investigators as well. 

Ester, the sixteen year old young lady we have been teaching, accepted a baptismal date for the 8th and has been steadily progressing. She is excited about her baptism and is proud to be the first convert of her family. She has lots and lots of family issues but we believe that little by little we can help her family by slowly and surely bringing them to church with her. She is really interested in the whole mission life. She says that she already has the goal to be a missionary one day. She has such a great Spirit and would be an excellent future missionary. 

Karla is also progressing just great. The wedding and baptism have both been scheduled for the 29th of March. Marianos brother is getting married the 22nd so they felt weird doing it so close to the brothers wedding…we had to pressure them just a tad bit for them to accept the baptismal date and matrimony but they were content once they accepted that it is the thing to do. The ward has been helping us with them. Lots of members already know them and are excited about the baptism coming up. 

We had another really cool family come to the conference this Sunday. His name is Hugo and her name is Yulissa. They have been married about 3 months and the brother of Yulissa is a very active member. He is also married and his wife is expecting a baby within days. They have been inviting them to church these past few weeks and they finally came for the conference. They seemed to enjoy it so we are going to follow up with them and see if we can help them into the waters of baptism coming up here soon:) Pray for these guys… It would be a miracle! 

We had a really cool spiritual experience this past week…we were running late to an appointment when we both stopped in front of this beat up old house made of tin and Elder Zamudio and I both said, “We have to contact this house”. We knocked the door and out came a sister named Susanna. She said her husband was a very angry man and that he would not want to accept us. We told her we would come back later that day to find him and ask permission to teach. She accepted but the rest of the day we were too busy to go back. 

The next day Elder Zamudio and I are about to get into a tuc tuc when a random guy on his bike stops us and says, “Hey, you guys came to my house yesterday…did you need something?”. We told him we were missionaries and such and he humbly accepted that we teach him and his family. His name is Christian and they say they have been searching for the truth for a looong time. They loved the restoration and they are going to be praying so they can have their answer. Please pray for this family too! They are amazing and they have truly been prepared. I know the Spirit touched us both so that we would find that family. 

The Spirit works in mysterious ways… I am so grateful for the Lord and his wonderful Spirit in this work. If it was not for him we would be very lost out here! The church is true. The things I am teaching are inspired of God and I love proclaiming this wonderful Gospel day after day. I have never been closer to my Father in Heaven and I will always look back on these days as a missionary with much love. 

Love you all! Keep shining and I know that God will also bless each and every one of you. Have a wonderful week! 


Elder Ty Russell


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