Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

February 24 2014- Email #84

Family and Friends,

Sooo… I don’t want you all to think I am a bad missionary but I did the count…tomorrow I will only have 4 months left on my mission. That is sooooo weird to think about. These last 20 months have been sooooo rewarding and I have loved every moment. Has it been easy?.. NO. Haha but it has been so worth it and I am so lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to be out here serving the Lord without having to think about anything else. I am working hard and we are having a whole lot of fun too. The mission is great right now:) 

Elder Zamudio and I will have 6 weeks more together. There were changes this past Wednesday but President left us together one more change. I am happy for that to be honest. We are like the same person haha. We teach well together and we have similar work habits which help us to have unity and we are doing well together. We are good buddies you could say! Although we stayed together pretty much the rest of the zone DID have changes. We have a whole new zone but it is good. We are working hard and we had a really good month in February. 

March is “Missionary March” in our mission. To commemorate Samuel Jackson, the prophet Josephs brother and first missionary, we are going to have a memorable month in March. Every pair of missionaries in our zone have commited to baptize this month and we are excited to see the results coming up in these next few weeks. We have a meeting with President Ruiz tomorrow to fix a game plan and set the goals for the mission. I always look forward to a month of miracles… Especially because the Lord has already started blessing us with the miracles we have been needing. 

Speaking of miracles…Karla and Mariano are doing great! They have a baptismal date and marriage date set for the 29th of March. It has not been a case without problems though…they have only known each other a few months so Karla was a bit skeptical about getting married but when we explained the law of chastity they were both willing and they prayed and set their own date. They are really special people. We have another lesson with them tomorrow and they invited us to eat dinner with them after. 

Another investigator progressing is Ester. She came to church last week and ever since has been progressing just greatly. She accepted a baptismal date for the 8th of March. We may have even baptized her this Saturday but we have Stake Conference so we can’t have any baptisms. She is really cool though. We had a family night with her this past Wednesday and she totally accepted the Restoration. She is one of those who has been prepared to receive the Gospel. 

I thank God for the success we are seeing in our area recently. I know how it is to have success and I also know how it is to have trials on the mission. Both are fun:) I love this time of growing and learning. I feel bad about not extending but at the same time I feel like the Lord left it up to me to decide and he was accepting either way. 

I love you all. Thanks for everything you all teach me and I always appreciate the prayers. 


Elder Ty Russell


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