Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

February 17 2014- Email #83

Family and Friends,

What a week my friends!! I am not exactly sure where to start…first off I am happy!  This week was a good week. During the week it was a bit frusturating because we felt a bit rushed, or disorganized maybe…I am not sure how to explain it. But it was a bit difficult. We felt we worked very hard though. We did our best for the Lord. Diligence in missionary work is one of the attributes of Christ that is highly important for someone to have success. One may pass through trials of faith and difficulties but the only thing that can bring someone to success is working with diligence even though it is hard. We had to learn that this week. 

Everything we did this past week was centered around a few investigators that we had. We tried and tried but the things we were trying to get done just seemed to never get done. We kept trying to work through the tough spot and even up unil Sunday morning we were a bit confused as to why all this had been happening throughout the week. We got to church and all the people we had been focusing on throughout the week had not been able to go with us. But then…the miracle happened. I swear it always happens just like this! I get to feeling a bit of doubt and deception and then the Lord blesses me with a miracle. It is the most amazing feeling ever. I was reminded of one of my favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon. I kind of chastized myself as I remembered Mormon 9:19. 

The miracle? I was giving my talk about missionary work in sacrament meeting when I see an entire family walk in the door. I had never seen them so I was anxious to finish the meeting to go and talk to them and find out if they were members or not. As I approached them after the meeting they were really excited to be able to talk to my companion and I . We set up an appointment for later that day to go and meet them in their house. We took the former Stake President and his wife with us to meet them and it turns out that the husband is a member that is less-active and his wife is not a member. She was married but her husband died about 3 years ago…the father who is less-active, Mariano, said that that morning he had a strong desire to get up and go to the church with his wife. He said it was an undeniable feeling and he also said that he knew his wife had to be baptized in the church as well. 

To make a long story short we taught Carla about the Gospel of Christ and she accepted to be baptized on the first of March. We were so excited about it:) The Lord provided the miracle in the exact right moment. We needed that. God will never cease to be a God of miracles. I thank the Lord for the miracles I witness on a weekly basis out here in the mission field. Carla is a great person and I am so happy to be part of her process. 

We also had another investigator in church. Her name is Ester…she is really smart. The thing is… she is only 16. She knows English, has a full-ride scholarship to study (rare in Guatemala), and loves the Book of Mormon. We got her a few friends in the ward this past week and she really seemed to like it. The only problem will possibly be the permission of her parents to be baptized… we will see where it goes! 

This week was a great learning experience for me! I am really grateful that even though I have 19 months in the mission the Lord still teaches me new things on a weekly basis that help me to continue to grow and be a good missionary. 

Love you all! I hope you all have a great week. 


Elder Ty Russell


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