Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

February 10 2014- Email #82

Family and Friends,

Soo this week was stupendous as always!! I had a good week but to be honest not too many crazy stories or things that aren’t just kind of normal but we worked really well this week. We had a lot of success and we have some good positive investigators. 

The best part of the week was the baptism of Rene. He is one of my favorite converts up to this point. He has a cool story…he lives in a boys home due to his father who is a drunk and who abused him most of his life. He has 4 years living in the boys home here in my area and from the first moment we found him we were best friends. He is very talented at drawing and in the short time we have known him he has grown a great testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restored church. 

The week before his baptism he had his entire world tell him NOT to get baptized. All his friends and family told him the church was crazy and that the Mormons have a false bible and a whole bunch of false doctrince against the church. He would just laugh and tell them that he knew the church was true from how he felt there and by his answer from God. 

The baptismal service was really special. He got up out of the waters and was trying to hold back tears as he stepped out of the font. He is going to be a good member! He even scheduled with us for this Wednesday to accompany us and introduce us to some of his friends. He is 16. 

We also had a really cool opportunity to go and tract this past Wednesday morning with the next Mission President in El Salvador. He is here in our mission with his wife getting mission experience. Elder Zamudio and I got to go out with him and work and it was a really fun day. We found a really positive family that actually came to church yesterday. Her name is Elmy and her three kids Paula, Jose, and Pablo. They are humble and are sort of in search for a church right now. They are some of our best posibilities for this end of this month. 

We have been continuing to pass out Books of Mormon to members in the Stake to commit them to pass them out. Our Stake had a seminary activity this past Saturday morning just for us so we could disperse the Books of Mormon and have each write their testimony in it. Sometimes the young men and women are more full of motivation to work in missionary work than the adults so we hope to see results from the activity soon in the Stake. 

That is about it for this week. Everything is going well. I am happy, healthy, and content working in the most important work that is on the face of the earth. Missionary work is blessing not only the people I teach but also my life. I can see a change in myself that I like… I feel that as one serves God the opportunity to be molded by him is greater. We have to let God mold us. 

I love you all! 


Elder Ty Russell


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