Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

January 27 2014- Email #80


This week was stupendous. Is that a real word? Anyways…his week was great! We have been working like craaazy. Literally we have not had one second to sit down and rest. We had a good amount of success this week. We are still getting to know the limits of our area and it has been fun meeting a whole lot of new people this week. We found more new investigators this week than I had found since Mazate. It was fun to get out and help everyone to feel the Saviors love for them. Even if they don’t accept our message the most important thing is that they have a spiritual experience and that they recognize that what we teach is true. The spiritual level of everyone is always at a different high or low and I feel like the only thing we can do is try and find the right people at the right time. 

We had a really cool new investigator in church this week. His name is Renee and he lives in a boys home. He has no one in charge of him really…he is 16 and he is really special. He has a really tough life story but right now and he is looking for the truth and he found a whole lot of friends in church on Sunday. We are very optimistic about his progression and that he will be one of our next baptisms for sure coming up here in a few weeks. 

We baptized Alex and Anthony this Saturday! It was sooo special. They are soo cute. Little Alex after he got up out of the water goes, “WOOOW, I REALLY LIKED THAT!”. It was soo cute. They absolutely love us…I am sad that Gustavo and Sonia still have to wait a bit to be baptized but the Lord has his plan and I know that they will be baptized. They are already like members just… not baptized! We will work on that :) 

We also had a really awesome Stake activity on Saturday afternoon. We invited President Ruiz to come and we had a Book of Mormon for each family who came so they could put their photo in it and write their testimonies. It was crazy because the Stake Presidency here is kind of inexperienced and a bit negative about activities but we planned it all with my comp and we did a stake carnaval. We called each Bishop of the 5 wards in the Stake and we made them in charge of making some kind of game for the activity. We had a great attendance and we gave out 157 copies of the Book of Mormon to different families in the Stake. Each and every one of them was commited by President Ruiz to give their Book of Mormon to a friend or family member who is not a member. 

We hope to see great results come of it and we are anxious to see how February goes. It is going to be a good month! Pray for me though. I am in a tough area but I have a lot of good investigators right now. They just need to attend church and they will be progressing. Thanks for all the support you guys show me. I feel so very loved and I am so proud to be out here serving the Lord as his representative here in Monterrey, Retalhuleu. This is the true church. It is the kingdom of God here on earth. If we want happiness we must read the scriptures, follow the instructions the prophets give us, and pray with real intent every day. 

Love you all! 

Elder Russell


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