Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

January 20 2014- Email #79

Family and Friendlies,

Soooo this week was excellent. Working hard and doing what is asked of me out here in the wonderful Country of Guatemala. The missionary work has been progressing steadily and my new comp and I are trying to work hard in our area. We have a good ward and it seems that they are starting to like us a lot. They invite us over to eat a lot and we try and get references from them while we eat. It is a good way to bulk up and also be a missionary! The sad part is I am not really bulking up very much…but I am trying!

We have 2 baptisms on Saturday. You guys remember the family of Gustavo?  They can’t get baptized because he is married to another lady and lives in adultery but they are super strong in the church right now. They have been 4 times now and they LOVE it. They wish they could get baptized so bad. They have 2 sons, Alex and Anthony. They both want to be baptized this Saturday and we agreed because we think it will help keep Gustavo motivated to get his divorce and do all that is necessary to fix the situation. We are happy about Saturday though. It has been a bit since my last baptism…not since Mazate! But the Lord prepares his children to receive this Gospel and I know that he is preparing many more for us that we just have to find.

That has mainly been our focus this last week. Find find find… It is not the easiest task here in Monterrey. We have been rejected about 99.999999% of the time but we have had fun doing it! The Lords work is a work of happiness and we know that if we keep a positive attitude and if we keep working and being 100% obedient we will receive more blessings and find the families that are prepared to have this wonderful Gospel that we all know.

This week we had a really fun service project. We went to a really rural part of our zone and we painted an entire school for the administration. We had 12 of the missionaries in the zone come and help out and it was really great. The kids are very grateful to have their little school a little bit brighter this year. You should see the conditions…it is ridiculous. They study in a tiny little room with concrete walls and a tin roof…they have almost no supplies and there is no power in the entire school. It is so sad… I am so grateful for the wonderful educational opportunities the Lord gave me by being born in the United States.

Saturday morning Elder Ulisses S. Soares came to our mission from the presidency of the 70 for a mission conference with our entire mission. It was really special. He is from Brazil and he is trying to still learn Spanish so it was funny to hear him talk like half Portugues and half Spanish. But I testify that the gift of tounges is real and we understood all he was trying to express. It was a great conference full of revelation for all the mission and I felt really excited to get out and work afterwards. Those type of conferences really help to motivate the missionaries and get them fired up to be obedient and work hard.

That is about it for this week folks. Sorry it was kind of short and sweet but that is all I got! I love you all and I am always grateful for your support and prayers. I can feel the blessings of the Lord upon me due to your prayers and thoughts. The Lord is so good to me. My life is being so blessed by the wonderful and humble people of Guatemala. I truly feel a deep love for the people I serve. Whether they accept me or not… I love them.


Elder Ty Russell


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