Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

January 13 2014- Email #78

Family and Friends,

Well well well…what do we have here? Changes. I was actually pretty dang excited about changes this week. Every opportunity to have changes is actually a pretty thrilling experience. Elder Medina left to go to Pajapita (one of my old areas) and I have a new companion…my new companion? You are not going to believe it. I don’t even believe it! My new companion is named Elder Zamudio. He is from Utah…West Jordan, Utah….he went to Copper Hills High School and lives literally like 5 minutes away from our house. His parents are both Mexican and have been in the United States his whole life. He has 17 months in the mission and I have know him since we entered the field together. He has one change less than me in the mission becasuse he already knew Spanish so he only had 3 weeks in the MTC and then he entered the field the same day as me. He is an EXCELLENT missionary and I am SO excited to be working with him. 
It is really strange though because as Zone Leaders there always has to be one from the United States and one Latino. In the change meeting when we got put together everyone was like “OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Haha it was super funny. We have been working super well together. The area is starting to be better and we have found a bunch of new investigators. The work is progressing! 
This last Saturday night we had a movie night in the church and we watched the Disney movie “Frozen” with our ward as a mission activity. It was very succesful and we had 3 entire families of investigators that came. They enjoyed the time getting to know the members and I feel like doing activities helps the members want to work with us more and help us out with references. 
In church we had 6 investigators again. A recent convert brough two of her friends and we have a family night with them tomorrow. Gustavo and the rest of the Salazar family came to church again yesterday but we found out that there is a bit of a problem… Elder Medina and I went and challenged them for baptism this past Tuesday night and we found out that Gustavo is married to another woman. To be baptized it is a long process… Like about 8 months more or less. But we might baptize their two sons so that the family stays in the church while the fix their problem. They are a really special family. 
Fred is also progressing. He just needs a bit more time it seems…we challenged him for baptism but I feel like he just needs a bit more time to accept. We are going to meet with him several times this week to see if we can help him to be confortable enough to make the decision and accept a specific date for baptism. 
Everything seems to be going well everyone! I am content and I am working hard out here to help my ward grow and make sure the people here that are ready to find the real Gospel of Jesus Christ can find it. Missionary work is incredible. I love it and I am sure that I am here for a reason in this area with my companion. I love you guys a lot! Have a great week everyone and know that I love you all and that I am being very blessed out here. 
Elder Ty Russell


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