Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

December 23 2013- Email #75

Family and Friends,

I suppose I will have to keep dreaming until next year because this Christmas feels even hotter than the last one! But I suppose Christmas is much more than snow and Santa right? It is fun during Christmas time as a missionary. We have had a good time remembering the true meaning of Christmas and trying to remind others as well. This time of year there have been a lot of opportunities to find new people to teach through activities that we have been having as a Stake and also activities that we, as missionaries, have organized. What a wonderful time of season to share the Gospel.
Actually I was studying the other day and I came across a really cool quote. It is in Spanish though.. I will try and translate it though!
¨We will obtain our exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom only with the condition that we share with the rest of the children of our Heavenly Father the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the commandments that will enrich our life now and in the hearafter.¨
President David O McKay
I love being a missionary. Even though it is Christmas, and I feel like I should be with my family, I know that serving diligently so others can have an eternal family one day will help me to obtain my own one day by meeting the requirements in this mortal life.
This week was really great to be honest. We are working hard but with little results…we are trying though. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday. We are still seeing how positive they are though…many have large challenges that are tough to overcome so we are not exactly counting them as progressing still. Knocking doors here is much tougher than in my other areas. I have tried everything! Telling jokes, singing hyms, and still… no one really is too interested in listening. But I suppose I must not lose faith! The Lord is seeing our efforts and I know that a miracle is not too far off.  Just pray for me please:)
So the lady who went to church last week is really great. Her name is Yuli but she has a looong story. She has lived in Mexico for a guy since she was 15. She was never married to him but he was a drunk and he abused her a lot. She finally got the opportunity like 2 weeks ago and she left for Gutaemala. She has gone to church with us twice now and absolutely LOVES it. She knows it is the true church and she would have been baptized this past Saturday if she didn’t have a small tiny little problem that does not let her do it…but she is working through these challenges that prevent her from getting baptized. We had an appointment with her yesterday with our Bishop and it went really well.  Please pray for Yuli everyone… she is very special but she needs to be brave to change her life and follow Christ.
My other investigators? Oh yeah… I dont have any! Haha so we are going to try and find more in these next few days. The Christmas season is good for that. We presented our choir in the central park of Retalhuleu this past Wednesday evening and it was really special! We totally got a huge group of random people listening to us. We went and contacted them though after the choir and we got a good amount of peoples information to go and visit them. We are going to work on that this week.
Thanks for everything everyone!! You are all so great and I appreciate all the support I get on a weekly basis. I am loving life and I am happy AND healthy! How great is that?
Elder Ty Russell

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