Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

December 16 2013- Email #74

Family and Friends,

Thanks for all of your e-mails and support! I always feel so very loved by you guys and I want you to know that it helps here in the mission to feel that love and support from loved ones. Thanks everyone:) 
This week was really great. I feel like it passed by in the blink of an eye literally. So much happened and I feel like it was a solid week. Elder Medina and I are trying to learn still how to work well together. He is a great guy and a great missionary but we are very different. That isn’t a bad thing though right? I try and tell myself sometimes that my area and the zone does not need 2 Elder Russells and it doesnt need 2 Elder Medinas. I think our area needs one Elder Russell and one Elder Medina. So yeah, I am content:) I feel like sometimes when I am with a companion who is different than me I learn the most. I am excited to work with Elder Medina and we are going to have fun working hard here! 
This week we taught some really great lessons and we found some really good new investigators…the problem was that no one came to church!! That is the most frusturating ever. I feel like I find someone new everyday who is super prepared and all but when it comes right down to it they just are not quite ready yet. 
We did have one investigator in church though! The lady who washes our clothes brought her neighbor and she absolutely loved the church! She said the teaching was incredible and that she really felt something special. We are not sure about her situation still though because we have never taught her. We just know that she lived in Mexico many years and her husband (that she is not married to) still lives there. We have a family night tonight to go and teach her in the house of the lady who washes our clothes. We hope to figure our the issues and resolve them quickly so she can be baptized. 
So this week was really incredible because all week we have been organizing a huge choir for our stake. Elder Medina and I organized the arrangements and we had practices each day this week. The zone has a lot of Americans so we ended up singing 2 hymns in English! It was a fun choir. 
We performed last night at 6 and the entire Stake Center was FULL. Everyone was blown away by the performace and we even invited President Ruiz to come and give a talk during the presentation. It went off really well. We had brought in a Christmas tree into the gym at the very back and we put a couch by it to take pictures of the investigators and their families so we can go to their houses to leave the photo and teach them too. It went well and I have a lot of hope that the refferals will be coming in a lot more frequently. Our investigator came as well and she said she liked it too. 
On Thursday I had the opportunity to go to the temple in Quetzaltenango again. It was so great to be in the house of the Lord and enjoy the Spirit. I went with an Elder in the zone who had to go to see the sealing of a family he had baptized last year. Perks of being the zone leader haha. It was a cool trip too because it is actually kind of cold up there in Qeutzaltenango! I felt like it was actually kind of the Chistmas season. Yay! 
Isau and Marta… I was not able to visit them due to the choir but I will next Sunday. I called them and Marta said he is doing much better since we went and saw him but I still feel like he needs much work! 
Ahhh and remember Melvin right? He called me yesterday to tell me that his Mom Iris finally got baptized!! I was SO happy. She was my investigator like 5 months! Melvin also told me that he is the first counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency! Can you believe it? I am so proud of him. I love hearing from my converts. It is such a boost to help me keep moving along and working hard!
I love missionary work. It is the absolute most fulfilling experience in my entire life. I feel so very important to the Lord and I know I am making him happy by working in this marvelous work of saving souls. My testimony has grown so very much and I am so grateful for this church and this wonderful Gospel that Jesus Christ has taught us. The restored Gospel is so perfect and I am grateful to participate and know of all the blessings God has prepared for me and my family. 
Elder Ty Russell

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