Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

November 25 2013- Email #71

Wow…so this week sure flew by. It has been a really great week here in my area and in the mission as well for a few good reasons. I am excited to tell you all about how very awesome this week was. I can tell you all that another unbelievable miracle happened Saturday night! I am not even sure I deserve all these blessings I am receiving recently…keem em comin I suppose:)

Some bad news though…I wanted to comment to all of you that Juan is having a tough time right now. His sister died of cancer on Sunday morning and he is in Guatemala City right now attending to the funeral and family affairs. Please keep a prayer in your heart for him and Patty. They are such special people but they are having a tough time right now. The sister was sick for a long time and to be honest they were waiting any day for the news but it still hurts.
This week for our mission was really special because President Carlos H. Amado, the area President of all Central America, came to do a tour of our mission this week. He came to Mazatenango on Friday and we had a conference with my zone, and two other zones pretty much all day. It started at 9 in the morning and we didn’t finish until like 6 that evening.
To say the least it was a very spiritual benefitting experience. Elder Amado had such a powerful spirit while teaching that we were all just blown away by the power of his counsel. I left the conference a much better missionary and definitely prepared to get out working hard to bring souls to the Lord. It was cool to be able to hear the words of a general authority of the church and feel the truthfulness of this restored Gospel. The men that direct this church under the command of Jesus Christ are truly inspired servants and I know that Elder Amado receives revelation for us here in Central America.
So there are changes on Wednesday but I am still not positive if I have changes or not…I suppose I do because I now how six months being here in the same area and that is the longest I have ever been in one area. I really am sad to leave this ward if I go. The people here are so great and I have made some lifelong friends for sure. I feel like a member of this ward already…I would rather just come back here than go to the singles ward when I get home! I may just come back;)
The big miracle of the week? It is similar to the miracle last week but it was a bit different. Well I suppose I shall just get on and tell you about it! I have a baptism in like a half hour:) Yes, I thought Juan would be my last baptism here in Mazatenango but no! My last baptism will be such an awesome miracle and it is once again all thanks to the Lord and him preparing his children to receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Do you guys remember Christoffer? I baptized him with Elder Banegas in July. We initially taught his Grandmother, Marina. She is 73 years old and such a cute little devout catholic lady. She has been catholic her whole life but Elder Banegas and I taught her and taught her and we challenged her and challenged her but after all she just did NOT want to be baptized. We sort of stopped focusing on her really and we just baptized her Grandson Christoffer. He has been a good convert and we still visit them about once a week but with Elder Herrera we have not really put much emphasis on challenging the Grandma, Marina. She absolutely LOVES me and Banegas and she told me once like 4 months ago that before I left Mazate she would get baptized.
This is where it gets interesting… So Saturday night we go over to visit Christoffer and to pretty much say goodbye to them because it is very probable that I am leaving here Wednesday. So I tell her, “Grandma, remember you promised me you would get baptized before I go right?”. She then says, “Okay, what time?”. I was like… Uh… What??? Are you serious? She said that if Elder Banegas got to come to the baptism she would be baptized on Monday night! I was sooo surprised. The Lord literally prepared her in these last few months through some difficult family situations being resolved. She knows what we teach is true but she had a daughter that lived with her that absolutely hates Mormons so she never let her Mom get baptized but about 3 weeks ago the daughter moved out and Marina told us she is totally ready to be baptized! We called the Bishop and organized everything! The baptism starts in like a half hour so I kind of have to go:)
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Ty Russell

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