Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

October 28 2013- Email #67

Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty crazy! Many many many many things have happened. Everything is cool though. I am handling the situation and I suppose the Lord has his plan that will help me and my companion grow through trials that are placed in our way. It has been rough though because I feel like Satan is throwing his best effort to try and hinder the work… Satan stinks…  
So last Saturday Elder Herrera fell down in the church and bruised up his already bad knee…I didn’t think it was too serious and I kept pressuring him to work normaly and everything but he kept complaining about pain and such so we called the nurses and they ordered him to rest for at least 3 days. This was Tuesday morning by the way…so we went to the house and we were stuck up in the house the ENTIRE day Tuesday and Wednesday until about 7. On Wednesday they sent me two mini missionaries from San Felipe. They are two young men who are 18 and they are cool guys but definitely not missionaries still haha! They are learning a lot though.. 
While Elder Herrera has been in the house resting I leave with one and the other one stays in the house for the day while the next day we switch it around. I feel like there is a very very large burden placed on me. I am basically training two new missionaries who never even went to the MTC. It has not been the easiest week of my mission but I am trying to keep a good attitude and I am working extra hard to give these two new guys a good example and some good spiritual experiences.
Saturday morning we had a radiology test done on the knee of Elder Herrera…It turns out he has a fissure in his knee and needs at least 10 days of rest as of Saturday…he is going nuts in the house!! haha I feel bad for the poor guy. The sad thing is that tomorrow the two mini missionaries they had sent us are being sent to other companionships that need them…so I am back to trying to find members who can help me out with taking care of Elder Herrera and leaving to visit with me….it will be interesting! Please please please pray not only for me but for my companion…we need the extra prayers these days! 
Even though we have not had the smoothest week, we had some good success to be honest. We had 6 investigators in church yesterday and I give all the thanks to God for that because I feel like the work was frusturating this week. It is funny how the Lord gives us tough tests but as we try to be humble before him and ask his help even more than before he blesses us greatly. I am sure everything will work out okay for this week and that the Lord will help me find members to support us and leave to work with me. 
Jimmy…remember him? We have taught him now 5 times…he is a stud! He is reading the Book of Mormon and really is apt to learn and recognize the Spirit. We have been visiting him with members and he already has some good friends in the ward. It has been wonderful to see his progress. He still has not accepted for this Saturday to be baptized but we are waiting an answer on Tuesday… the only problem we have seen with him is that he has A LOT of questions…last night he even brought up plural marrige and it was a bit rough…but I am sure God will bless Jimmy with the confirmation that the things we teach are correct. Pray for him too if you can! 
Our reactivation plan has been going really well too. In the ward we have recently reactivated 2 families and we had a special activity with President Ruiz and the Stake President this past Saturday to invite them to come and enjoy the afternoon and some good talks from the leaders. In our stake we had about 18 families that were reactivated and they all came and we had a great activity. Reactivation has been going really well in our ward and we are still working really hard to get these brothers and sisters who have fallen away back to church! 
I had my interview finally with President this past Thursday! It went really well. We talked about the zone and he let me make the changes for the zone this coming change. I am happy with the changes we made and it will turn out to be a good thing for the zone if everything works out how I think it will. 
Well that is about it people…..thank you as always for the wonderful support and love you all give me! I love you all and I appreciate all that you do for me. I think that an attribute of Christ I had to learn this week was patience…study up in the bible dictionary and topical guide about patience and I hope you can make some of the same connections I could make with my own life. It is good to be a missionary:) 
Elder Ty Russell

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