Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

October 7 2013- Email #64

Family and Friends,
What a glorious week it was! I hope you have all been as edified as I have been while listening to the inspired prophets and apostles of our day. What a great blessing to have general conference in our lives. I felt so very blessed to get answers to questions I had for my Heavenly Father as I went into the conference. I know and testify that each man and women that spoke from that pulpit were guided by the Holy Spirit in speaking to us. Listen to and read the words that were spoken by them over and over again if you have the blessing. I am very anxious for the conference edition of the church magazine.
This week was great. We had a wonderful week of work and today was a great P Day. President Ruiz and his wife were invited to come and have a gourmet lunch with my zone today. We all got up early and cooked the food all day. When President got there we played games for the afternoon and then we had the lunch. It was fun to spend more time with the President and get to have more unity within the zone. I have a great blessing to be part of a wonderful group of Sisters and Elders here in the zone. We are all like brothers and sisters from birth haha. We have fun, we fight, we laugh, and we work hard! It is wonderful.
The conference was a wonderful activity for us as missionaries. I had 9 investigators go and see the sessions and they all were awe struck to hear of the powerful words that were spoken. We will be seeing baptisms very soon in these next few weeks. I am sad though because changes are up on the 16th and I have a bad feeling they are going to send me away from Mazate!! I sure hope not…but we will see. I hope not especially for the amount of people we are teaching here… my area is doing really well and we have been having great success here. The members are super supporting and it is an area very blessed.
The Stake President came this Thursday morning to talk with our zone…something I have not really mentioned to you all is the huge enphasis in this mission with reactivation… It is a huge focus of our mission. In each area there are probably more than 600 members with attendances of just over 100 to 150… So yeah…there are a TON of less actives. The Stake President gave us a nice talk and we learned a bit more about why the need to reactivate is so high. We have been focusing on that a bit in our Ward and we have already reactivated 2 complete families and 3 Elders in our Ward. It has been interesting to work like this but I suppose if this is what God wants it is what I need to do!
We also had interviews with President Ruiz this past Wednesday…It was rough though because he didn’t even interview me! I had to go with the assistants to check the houses in my zone…more worldly music and other freaking movies… so annoying. But after we had the meeting with the stake presidency and President Ruiz and we just had no time to get to my interview… I have to wait until a bit later this week to chat with him a bit…I was kind of sad because interviews are super cool with President Ruiz. He is such a great man. I am looking forward to my interview.
Walfed is doing well. After this I have a family night with him and we figure out for sure if he will be baptized this Saturday or not. I am almost positive that he will! He is such a cool dude! We also have 2 other posibilities to baptize this Saturday…Fernando who is 31. He is a great guy and the best friend of our Ward mission leader. He went to conference and church last week and has really loved it. I think we just need to give a bit of pressure there and he will accept. Lastly is a cool Little Young man named Daniel. He is 15 and also went to church last week and the conference this weekend. He really loves the church and wants to be baptized but his parents are drunks so we will have to see if they give permission…pray by name for them please:) I appreciate it!
I hope you all know that I am happy and healthy! I love this work and I am so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity he gave me to be part of it. This is the true church and I know that through the sacred ordinances found therein we will inherit all that God has if we are faithful. Like Jesús says, nothing shall prevail against us. Have faith, love everyone, and be happy! That is the only way to progress. I love you all! Have a great week.
Elder Ty Russell

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