Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

July 29 2013- Email #54

Family and Friends,

This week I do not have much to say to you all…haha it was a good week and all but I suppose it was pretty much the same as any other week in the mission field. I will try and make this as interesting as possible. 

Kind of a funny story…so last Monday some members heard that I completed a year in the mission a few weeks back so they invited us to their house for family night. They bought Little Caesars Pizza and a huge strawberry cake. It was with the family of the Bishop and we went with them to buy the cake to the supermarket. As we walked into the supermarket right around 7 Elder Banegas and I crapped our pants!! Standing right in front of us was President Ruiz…haha for those of you who don’t know we should technically be working in our area Mondays by 6… Haha we felt super embarrassed and such and President Ruiz was like “Umm…what are you guys doing here?” Our Bishop was like “President, don’t worry they are here with me to buy some things for the family night we have planned”. Our Bishop saved us haha. 

As the title states we had changes this past Wednesday. We went to Retalhuleu in the morning and we got a bunch of new missionaries in the zone. Three companionships are training which means that our zone has a lot of new missionaries. We see it as a blessing to be honest. The Lord blesses the obedient and the missionaries who are faithful and to be honest the new missionaries are always the more obedient ones. Ohhh and good news! My second son, Elder Lopez, got sent to my zone! He is in a really great area and he seems really excited to work hard here. We are happy with the zone and we got some really good missionaries. We finished the month of July with 20 baptisms with 5 families. We broke the reccord in families in our zone and we are super happy about that but we know the Lord expects more of us. 

In my own area we are a bit worried to be honest. In the month of July we only baptized one investigator and we had almost no time this past week to work in our area. Monday-P-Day. Tuesday-we had to help the sisters move to a different house (it took all day). Wednesday-Change meeting in Retalhuleu. We only had three days to really work in our area. I felt like we worked well and efficiently with the little time we had but I was just a bit desperate because it seems like NO ONE wanted to commit to go to church. We found a few really positive people this past week but it seemed like everyone commited to going NEXT week and never this week haha. We have been finding lots of families as well that have problems with not being married and not having the desire to be married either.

We had been praying really hard to have investigators in church yesterday because we literally had no one commited and we were super worried. We prayed and prayed and prayed and guess what?? The Lord had mercy on us. A family we didn’t know came to church yesterday. The wife is a member but the husband isn’t. They want to get married but he is from El Salvador and has no papers…we have an appointment with them tonight after P-Day. We hope that we can help them out. 

Also another investigator that we don’t know came! She is the sister of one of my companions recent converts here in the ward. We also have another appointment with her on Tuesday to go and get to know her. We definitely witnessed a miracle with these two investigators arriving at the church by pure luck. This week Elder Banegas and I are going to try some new things to get our investigators a bit more excited about going to church. I suppose one of the most important things in missionary work is getting investigators to church. 

Marcelino..we have almost no hope with him anymore. He hasn’t come to church in two weeks and he started working Sunday mornings. We were heartbroken because we really love this guy. He was a good friend but I suppose he just was not quite ready for the Gospel. Maybe other missionaries in the future will have more luck. 

Sorry guys…not much more to report! I am doing well so you all know! I am working hard and I love the work. I never want to stop being a missionary and to be honest I have never been closer to God in my life. I hope to never lose the testimony I have gained through this Gospel and through my experiences here on the mission. I love the Lord, the church, and every single one of you guys. I hope you all are choosing the right and I encourage everyone to look for the hand of the Lord in your lives. He loves each and every one of you and is willing to bless us when we are willing to qualify for his blessings. 


Elder Ty Russell


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