Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

May 20 2013- Email #44

Dearest Family and Friends,

This week was one of the most crazy in my entire life! I will get to that in a bit. Just so you all know I am alive and well! I am constantly sweating in the heat of the Guatemalan sun. In fact, I think when it rains I am soaked halfway by sweat and the other half by rain water. The weather in this part of Guatemala is not exactly ideal I would say but it is fine I suppose. I am mostly used to it by now!
Thursday was the Birthday of Elder Lopez! He turned 25 and we had a huge cake for him at Guadelupes house with their family. It was really cool and he had a good day! I always make fun of Elder Lopez for being old! We also had a mini party for P-Day as well:)
This last Wednesday we had interviews with President Maravilla. It was actually a really cool experience once again. Him and I had a good chat and we made some deals. I am super sad that he is leaving in a month. I think it is impossible to have a cooler Mission President than President Maravilla. He will definitely be missed.
OH!! Also, before I forget, he came to my branch yesterday! What the heck?? Out of the million wards and branches in the mission he chooses to visit little tiny branch Magnolia on the outskirts of Coatepeque?? Haha it was quite interesting but it was cool! It was a bit of a surprise though. We pulled up in the back of a pickup truck (Which may or may not be against the rules) to a smiling President Maravilla and the two assistants. We always go out and pick up investigators with a member so it is easier for them to get to the church. Our chapel is pretty far away from civilization.
Just my luck… this Sunday was my turn to talk in our Branch. I had to talk on missionary work of course and I don’t think I have ever been so nervous in my life! Haha I was more nervous for this talk than for my farewell talk. It ended up going really well and it was super awesome to hear President Maravilla speak afterwards. It was a good meeting even though I was a bit nervous.
Guadelupe was baptized this past Friday!! It was super special. She is one of my favorite converts because she is so dang smart! I know she is going to be a leader of the church in Magnolia very fast. The service was also very special. Her family came and we got to have a very spiritual experience with them during the baptismal service.
Henry is where the craziness begins… He was baptized on Friday. He came to the service and got baptized and all was good! Saturday is when we got the bad news. His wife came up to us in the street crying and told us that she had been informed that he is in jail in Tecun U Man. We were shocked and had pretty much no idea what to do. We called the police station and they told us they couldn’t give us more information so we just had to wait. Needless to say he has still not been confirmed a member of the Church and is still in Jail. We found out Sunday afternoon that he got a call and that he accepted a job to take someone to Tecun U Man Saturday morning. It turns out the man who asked for the ride had plans to rob a store on the way and ended up going through with his plans. Henry (from what we know) was unaware of the plan and is innocent. He is a taxi driver and so the man from the store copied down his license plate and called the cops. We are super super worried about him.
We called the Stake President today and asked if we can go to the prison to confirm him…he is going to talk to the Area Seventy and let us know. I very well may be going to the Tecun U Man prison to confirm Henry this week. I kind of doubt we will get permission but everything is possible right? Pray for Henry if you can please!
We may be having another baptism on Saturday. Her name is Jaity and she is super super special. She is 19 but she acts like she is 30. She is super mature and smart and has been going to church for about a year. We have not really worked with her much because she has a few issues that impede here from being baptized. Last Monday we had the feeling that we better do a family night with her and a member family on the doctrine of Christ and baptism. We challenged her and pressured her a bit and she said that she is ready to make the necessary changes in her life so that she can be baptized. We are really looking forward to this baptism because she is really wonderful. Pray for her as well please!!
That is about it for this week! Crazy week eh?? I love it!!
Elder Ty Russell

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