Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

May 6 2013- Email #42

Hello to all!

Buenas Tardes a todos. Espero que todos estén felices y contentos. Les extraño bastante y se que me extrañen también.
Haha well another week has passed and here I am writing to my beloved friends and family again! This past week was amazing as always. Literally every week in the mission field, whether hard or easy, is a blessing. This past week was one where I literally did not even feel it at all. We are working super hard and the time is flying by.
Yes, I did get both packages! One from Dad and the other from the family! Thank you all SO much. The contents of the package were all very gratifying and my companion and I are only going to continue gaining weight at this rate. Elder Lopez sends his thanks to you all as well. Thank you for always remembering me and keeping me in your thoughts. It means a lot to get mail and especially packages! (The bottle of Mt. Dew was my favorite)
So the mission had changes this past Wednesday and my District is very new. I am training still, two other companionships in my district are training, and one companionship of sisters in my district are both freshly trained missionaries. Haha I have been a bit worried about the lack of experience here in my District but they are all great Elders and Sisters so I am sure with a bit of divine pressure they will perform well and have success.
I am sure you all remember the story of the drunk man in the street who I met who is a returned missionary? I was very affected by that expereince and have thought and prayed very hard for that man and his well-being. Yesterday in church a miracle happened…he walked into the church with his white shirt and tie with his family. He came right up to me and looked me in the eye and shook my hand. I told him I have never been happier in my life to see someone in church. I sure hope that he continues to make the necessary changes in his life.
This past Tuesday our Zone had the chance to go to the temple in Quetzaltenango. That temple is one of the most beautiful temples I have ever visited. It is not very large in stature but it is extrememly beautiful. We took pictures as a District and as a Zone in front of the temple and got to go to the distribution center to buy hymn books and scriptures for our investigators.
Of course the best part of Tuesday was the session. I was missing the temple so much after more than 8 months of not being able to go to a temple. It was my first chance to do a session in Spanish and I was spiritually fed and felt the Spirit so strongly as I experienced the wonderful blessings of the temple in a long time.
Mom and Dad when you come and get me from Guatemala we are definitely going to the temple for a day to visit. You will love the experience. :)
A quick update on a few investigators…first off Henry. His wife is still a beast…but he agreed to be baptized on the 18th with a bit more preparation. We are doing our best to help him out and I am confident that with the Spirit we will be able to prepare him to make the right decision. He has A LOT of problems with his past. He feels like he can not repent and it is affecting him.
Guadelupe is doing super super well! She went to church again yesterday and loved it. She is progressing wonderfully and has commited to a baptismal date for the 18th as well. She is going to be a wonderful convert to the church. Her story gives me a testimony that the Lord is truly preparing his children to receive this Gospel.
Not a whole lot more to report! Elder Lopez and I are doing really well. We get along great and he is a great example to me. Elder Rivera sends his love to you all! He called me last night and we chatted a bit.
Thank you for everything! You are all in my heart and in my prayers. My only request this week is to make time to go to the temple. In Utah we are SO blessed to have temples so very close. Show the Lord the love you have for him and visit his house. Especially Mom and Dad as a couple please:) Jake and Britney as well! I may be baptizing the living but you two must baptize the dead!
Love you all!
Elder Ty Russell

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