Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

November 26 2012- Email #19


Here I am, once again on a Monday afternoon, writing my wonderful family! I hope all is well with you at home! It sure sounds like it is. Successful Thanksgiving and all eh? I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Getting ready for Christmas and all? Here there are a few Christmas lights starting to show up and stockings and such but man it is waaaaaay too hot to be Christmas! And Mom… about waiting for Christmas to open the package… We will just have to wait and see what happens! 

So this week I had a few cool experiences I would like to share as always! 

Number one was my first interview with President Maravilla. That was… cool. I do not really know how to describe it. That man is inspired of God is all I know. He is an amazing man and a marvelous leader. He told me some really cool things about the future of my mission if I continue to be an obedient missionary. He also gave me some great advice. That was a really great experience. 

Also I wanted to tell you all about my Thanksgiving!! Oh wait…there is not much to tell! Haha Want to know what I ate for lunch? Rice and potatoes. At about 3 or so in the afternoon as Elder Solomon and I were out working I thought to myself “Well, this is about the time those spoiled Americans are digging into their food”. I must be honest… I really missed Thanksgiving dinner! But hey, in two years I will be right there again pounding down the food with the rest of you! 

We also did some service this week as always. For a member in Reu we must have moved 500 big rocks into the back of this huge moving truck and drove it around the corner and freaking unloaded them again! My goodness what a project! But it was fun and the members are always SO grateful for the help. The members here are so awesome. They always say in their prayers “Thank you for the angels that you send to us to strengthen our ward and families”. It is really sweet. 

Sunday was a really cool day for me! Allan, one of my converts, got the preisthood on Sunday! That was such an awesome moment for Elder Solomon and I. What a great Spirit we could feel. He will be an amazing member of the church. He is already super dedicated. (Now if only we could get his dang wife to go to church!)

Also one crazy crazy thing happened! Sort of close to where we live there is this huge field of just nothing right? So the other day all of a sudden this MASSIVE pavilion gets set up and about 1000 or so chairs get set up. We Elders were super confused because we had no idea what was going on but we soon found out… The Evangelicals had like a bonanza or something! It was INSANE! There were all these huge speakers and such set up and these crazy pastors preached for like 2 days straight just ranting and wailing. I have never heard such screaming. Literally I could hear it from inside my house. Even Elder Valladares could not understand what the people were saying because it was so fast and weird. The pastors here know that what they are preaching does not bring the Holy Ghost but what it does bring is an adrenaline rush. The people do not know the difference. They go absolutely nuts. Literally here every night about 730 or so the evangelical churchs all start just screaming and singing. Super interesting… But the huge group of evangelicals have now left that field so I can now sleep again in peace! 

Oh another thing that was kinda crappy this week… I got super sick Tuesday night. My stomach… Haha rough times. I am taking an antibiotic so that has been helping. I am now feeling better and my stomach has calmed so do not worry! I just need to be careful with what I am eating! 

Quick update on my investigators… 1. Rosalio. We had a really good lesson with him last night in the house of a member and I hope to have him baptized the second weekend in December. This guy is so cool. He sure is not educated well… But he has an amazing Spirit. His problem is that he just cannot commit to a baptisimal date. He knows the stuff we teach is true. Frustrating! Divine pressure and the Spirit will get him in the end;)

2. Jose Alvarez…. I am a bit frustrated there. We have not visited him forever. Super busy week but he will be a priority this week. We need to get this guy baptized. 

3. Carlos and Jennifer. Jennifer still cannot leave the house until like not this week but the next so we are only teaching them twice a week. They are so cool though. They absolutely love us! 

We have a bunch more but we are still in the early stages with them and not really a whole lot to report on them for now! The most important thing is getting these people to church! 

Well family I am so grateful for all the support you give me! I love you all so very much. If you all get a chance, read 2 Nephi 9. That chapter bears a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ. Read the scriptures okay? It can change your lives. 


Elder Ty Russell


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