Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

November 19 2012- Email #18

Familia! I have MUCH to share this week! I suppose I shall get started eh?

The first thing I wanted to tell you is sort of a confession…. I have
made out on my mission as of Tuesday! I know… I am ashamed. I wish I
never did it but it was just something I wanted to do at least once on my
mission! A ton of missionaries have done it… Oh, and I forgot to tell you
who I made out with! It was a cow… Tuesday for lunch we had freaking cow
tongue! Wow, what an experience that was. I actually did not even know what
it was that I was eating while eating it and I did not realy want to ask in
front of our cocinera what it was so I just put a smile on and ate it
right? The consistency was super super weird so I was a little freaked out
but really it was not all that bad. After Elder Solomon and I left I asked
him “What in the world did I just eat?” He said “Dude, you just made out
with a cow.”

My next thing I wanted to share is really sad and actually happened the
same day. Elder Solomon and I were driving home in a tuc tuc after lunch
and all of a sudden the pickup truck in front of us hit this guy on a bike.
He was not going super fast or anything so he was not really hurt or
anything but the guy FLIPPED out. He started yelling profanities at the guy
in the pickup and all of a sudden he goes over and opens the drivers door
of the pickup and pulls the guy out of the car and just literally starts
beating the living crap out of him. It was one of the most disturbing
experiences ever! The guy in the pickup was an older gentlemen and
literally just got the crap beat out of him for this accident. The tuc tuc
guy just drove away when the guy started beating him up and I was thinking
in my head holy crap! No one even helped the guy getting beaten. It was
super sad.

Since I am on a sad note right now I guess this is the right time to tell
you the crappy news… Jose Alvarez did not get baptized… He told us
tuesday night that he was going to go work in Attilan or somewhere super
far away because he found a job right? So Elder Solomon and I were super
sad and such so we kinda gave up on that right? He said he was going to
leave that next morning really early and was only going to come home every
15 days. So anyways Thursday afternoon after lunch I just kinda had the
feeling to call Jose and see how he was so I did it and I found out that he
did not go because the dad of his wife is super sick so she needs his help.
So that was really exciting news right? So we thought hey maybe we can
still baptize this guy the next week but that will not work because he
could not go to church on Sunday because he was helping with the dad of his
wife. How annoying. We hope to get this guy baptized on the first Saturday
in December if he is still around.

ALSO on another crappy note… I am fat. Remember when I left home I only
weighed like 134 or something? I now weigh like 151… Do not judge!! It is
all the tortillas!

One cool thing that happened this week was that I bought a really cool
sling. Mostly it is to ward off the packs of insane dogs that roam the
streets of Guatemala. I have had a bit of practice with it now and I am
getting pretty good with it! I have gotten a good shot or two at a couple
rabid dogs. Dad will be proud!

Another pretty cool experience this week was Saturday night. We had dinner
at a members house and they had Blues Clues on the TV right? Not only that
but it was one of the original Blues Clues! With the original Steve! It was
in Spanish of course but I can actually understand that now so it was SO
cool to watch a bit of that while waiting for dinner! It brought back
millions of memories of Dad and I watching Blues Clues in the morning. Ah
it made me kinda baggy! But not too bad, do not worry!

I have a complaint I want to stage right now… So this week I got a
dearelder from my long distant cousin Matt Barnes! It was awesome to hear
from him! He served his mission in Germany and I could tell from his letter
he was an AWESOME missionary! Here is my complaint with this… I hardly
know him! And he wrote me! My long distant cousin wrote me but my other
cousins have not! The ones that I used to spend EVERY Sunday with! It is
not too hard to hop on Dearelder and write a quick hello is it? I would
like you to pass along this chastizement to my cousins. Thank you:)

So I suppose I will update you on a few of out prospects right now.

#1 (This guy is hilarious) Celestino A.K.A. CelESTICULO (Derived from the
word Testiculo in Spanish… I am sure you can figure out what that means
for youself) This guy we have been teaching for a few months now but he has
still never gone to church. You wanna know why? Because he has had an
inflamed testicle that he likes to inform, and on one occasion, show us
every week. This guy is like 50 years old and every time we go to his house
we almost burst out laughing from the stuff this guy says! Apparently he is
getting a bit better though because he has started to work again so we hope
to have him in church this Sunday. (Sorry if that was a bit
innapropriate…) :)

#2 Our Guatemalan Hippy Carlos. We really are just interested in his
daughter… She is smart and really wants to learn from us but… Her Dad,
Carlos, hardly lets us talk during our lessons because he goes on and on
about how we are all just pure energy and how we should all just go around
naked all day so we can absorb more Vitamin D or something like that. His
Daughter, Jennifer, knows he is crazy and gets a bit frustrated with him.
It is so funny. The challenge we face with Jennifer is that she just had a
baby like 20 days ago and it was a c-section so she cannot leave the
house for 40 days. In a couple weeks though I am confident she will be
coming to church with us. She loves the Book of Mormon and is progressing
well. We just wish her Dad would stop being there for the lessons!

#3 Rosalio. This guy is sooo awesome! He came to church Sunday for
sacrament meeting with his grandson and I believe he enjoyed it. He is
Catholic (Kinda) and is hesitant to be baptized and commit to do anything
because he says he does not want to “Play god”. We will work with him
though! He is really an awesome guy. One of my favorite investigators!

Well everyone that is about it for this week! A really interesting week as
you can see! Lots and lots of work! But I am super super happy and loving
the work. Keep me in your prayers always!


Elder Ty Russell

P.S. Dad I love the new gun! I knew you would do well!


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