Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

October 29 2012- Email #15


So this week was SICK. 4 Baptisms! It was sooo awesome. I will explain those later.

So first off I wanted to tell you all a quick story! Remember the Guards I was teaching in the MTC? Well this week the new Elders came in and I took one out on Tuesday and him and I were chatting and he said that the Elders that I had passed the guards off to when I left had now passed them off to current Elders in the MTC and guess what? ONE OF MY GUARDS IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I was so so happy when I heard that! The Guatemala South mission is going to baptize him:)

So another story… I mentioned how I took out a new missionary who arrived Tuesday right? So he was a North American too… and he knew almost no Spanish! I was really nervous because I took him out myself… so it was two North Americans and I only had one change… ut it actually went really well. We had some appointments that we went to and had some lessons and such and I understood with clarity and could speak just fine. It was really a confidence building experience!

So changes happened Wednesday… and Elder Daniels got changed:( I miss him in the house. Him and I became really good buddies. But we have a new Elder in the house… Elder Smith. He is from Roy Utah and he is a big hunter so him and I are getting along really well! We talk about hunting all the time but it is rough because we both get homesick!

So I got your package on… Wednesday! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH! Everything was absolutely perfect! You got everything I asked for and I was soo happy. The Jerky is freaking delicous. The picture of me on the front of the photo album… real funny! Haha we had a good laugh at that…

Another quick story. So Friday night we went to visit Allan and he lives in Vista Hermosa… A part of our area about 40 minutes walking from our house. On the way it was raining like a beast but we had already been out for hours teaching and such so we did not go back to the house to get boots or anything. So the lesson with Allan went well and such and we left his house to discover that the entire road back to our other part of our area (there is only one) is a raging river. I am not exaggerating. The river in the road was up past my knees and had a super strong current. We had no option but to start heading for civilization! So we trudged through the river for 45 minutes to our house and every inch of my body was SOAKED! Elder Solomon and I had a blast through it all! We were laughing at ourselves and joking the whole way. Super fun memory.

So to the important stuff! Saturday we baptized Allan, Milton, Joel, and Jose! It was a glorious day! The service went smoothly except one thing… the lawyer for the wedding showed up over an hour and fifteen minutes late. Over 50 people were just waiting and it was super hot and all the kids were getting bored. I was crapping my pants. But after the lawyer showed and everything it went really smoothly and the baptisms were so spiritual. I baptized Joel and Jose the two youngest of the 3 brothers. It is days like Saturday that make all the hard work SO worth it. I love this work so much. Oh, and because of the four baptisms we won the model area in our zone and get free lunch today!

One more story from this week! So Sunday was the primary program. Wow. These little Guatemalan kids know how to bring the Spirit! I was so impressed and it was a beautiful presentation. Loved it.

That is about it for this week folks! Love you all so much!

To answer some questions… Yes a lady does my laundry. I pay her 115 quetzales a month. I am in a ward not a branch and we have in general about 140 attending every week. No one cleans our house or anything. I pay 15 quetzales for lunch every day.

Love always,

Elder Ty Russell


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