Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

October 8 2012- Email #12

WOW…. Talk about a little overwhelmed! All those voice memos made me want to cry! Keep sending them but maybe not as much… I don´t know why but it is hard to be out here and hear your voices! Especially all of you! AH. Not that I don´t love love love to hear it but dang…. It makes me a tiny bit homesick!! 

Oh, another thing! Dad thanks for reminding me about the deer hunt last week! When I read that I looked at my watch and saw it was October first and almost died! I should have been hunting;) But I was out and about hunting for men later that day anyway right? Too bad you didn’t kill a huge buck but, hey, keep working at it and at least bring home a little guy if you can. I sure am sad I am not out there with you but I just need to not think of it! 

It sounds like everything is going well at home huh? And a new car? Freak, when did we get rich?? ;) Did you sell one of our others? And I loved that picture from home. Sunday nights you should always set my plate! Ha ha I loved seeing your faces and reading your wonderful emails. (Also listening to your voices even though I am a tiny bit home sick) ;)

So I wanted to talk a bit about General Conference! First off, to Mom and Dad… I want to advise ya´ll to revise the way the family watches conference! I never have gotten more out of conference than I did this past weekend. I know that I am probably closer to the Spirit than I have ever been too but still… I was sitting in my chair watching conference while taking notes. DO THAT! If you didn´t take notes while watching conference this weekend… go back and rewatch it. Take notes. I testify that revelation comes as you sit in a chair and listen with your ears and the Spirit and write your feelings and points that stick out to you. 

So I want  to talk about a few talks that stuck out to me. 

1. Saturday Morning session- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

His talk on regrets and how we can improve our daily lives really hit me hard. Elder Uchtdorf has always been a powerful speaker and I was really affected by what he said. The three most common regrets people have after this life are: 1. Not spending enough time with family 2. Not reaching potential and 3. They wanted to be happier. 

At the end of his talk he mentioned something about make some resolutions today so as to not end up regretting one of these things… I made 3 personal resolutions that I hope I can fulfill. 

I challenge you to re watch this talk and make some personal resolutions for yourselves. All of us have things we need to improve on so as to not have these kind of regrets. 

2. Saturday Afternoon-L Tom Perry

This talk was special to me in a different kind of manner. Go back and re watch and think of my point of view. The feeling that I had during his talk were feeling of absolute gratitude. Gratitude for the beautiful family I have, gratitude for my wonderful parents who have taught me to follow the Lord, and parents who follow the 5 points mentioned in his talk. (I will let you find those out). 

So Mom and Dad… Thank you so much for all you did for me growing up. You sacrificed so much and also…. put up with so much, all for me. So thank you and know that I recognize and appreciate that. 

3. Saturday Afternoon-Robert C. Gay

This talk spoke to me with a lot of force. As you know… I am not exactly perfect and I have messed up in the past. At the beginning of his talk he told the story of stealing the candy bar and his Dad posing the question “Would you sell your soul for a candy bar?”. I want to pose that question to myself when deciding between good and bad decisions. I want to prevent self-justification and live a life without “selling my soul for the things of the world”. 

4. Sunday Morning-Jeffrey R. Holland
Re watch this and then ask yourself some questions… Have I left my nets? 
Have I left my boats? Am I willing to give up the world and feed his sheep? Am I willing to become a true disciple of Christ. 

Beautiful talk. 

So here is a brief update on investigators. 

The family of Gladys- The Dad goes out of town for 15 days at a time and is only home for a few days in between trips… rough times. The Mom seemed really interested the first lesson but after that something changed… The second lesson she just was not responding. We are trying to figure it out and get her converted. 

Allan- I have high hopes for this man. He is about 35 years old and understands the Gospel as we teach. He attended Conference Sunday morning and I sure hope he felt the Spirit. We have an appointment to meet with him soon so I will keep you updated. 

Ana Maria- She went out of town this last week… So no progress. But we hope to have her baptized this Saturday. So please pray for her! 

Well family life is really awesome right now! I couldn´t be happier. The work will continue and I am just proud to be apart of it. Every day I tell the Lord in my morning prayer that I want to be an instrument in his hands. I just hope I am living up the the potential the Lord can see in me. 

Love you all sooo much! 

Elder Ty Michael Russell


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