Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

September 1 2012- Email #7


 Hola. So first of all I got Grandmas package! Tell her
 how thankful I am! So so great to get a package! Everyone was so
 jealous:) So I am sorry but this week really was just kind of another
 week! Not a whole lot of interesting things. Last Sunday something did
 happen though… So every Sunday an Elder or Hermana from each
 district is called up in Sacrament to give a talk right? So the week
 that I wrote an entire talk on the WRONG SUBJECT and find out an hour
 before sacrament I got called to talk… I wrote my first talk on the
 Plan of Salvation… It was definitely on Enduring to the End… But
 in the hour I knew I had written on the wrong subject I wrote my talk
 on Enduring to the End and it went really really well. The first
 counselor in the MTC presidency was our teacher for Sunday school and
 he told me that my Spanish was excellent and that I am totally ready
 to head to the field! It was a really great compliment and was a big
 confidence booster! But I was super grateful for the experience to
 talk in Sacrament. The Spirit was definitely there. Gotta be honest I
 was a bit nervous to talk in front of the 60 or so people in Sacrament
 with us (Especially the Latinos!) But it went off well. Something to
 look forward to for me is proselyting on Monday! Just Elder Jacobsen
 and I are going out into the city with the other North Americans who
 have been here for the 8 weeks and getting to work! I am soooo excited
 for Monday! I wish I could go out to the field today. The MTC is great
 though! I will update you on how proselyting went next Saturday! Also
 another kinda cool thing is Elder Jacbosen and I got kind of sick of
 all the lessons with fake investigators so we talked to a few of
 the guards who guard the MTC and 2 of them accepted to hear our
 message! We are super excited to teach real non members for once! So I
 will keep updating you on how that goes. The appointments are for
 tomorrow. The Temple this week was great as always! Always a Spiritual
 experience there. This week I went to the temple not so much with a
 question but really a desire. I want to be a better missionary. There
 is always room for improvement and I went with fervent prayer into the
 Celestial room and asked to be the best missionary I could be. I only
 have 2 years and I don’t want to waste a second. I know Heavenly Father
 heard my prayer and will continue to help me work hard and be
 obedient. Thank you all for the DearElders! Keep em coming! I enjoy
 them every week! Sorry for sending my family handwritten letters all
 in the same envelope Brit… But I gotta save money right?? Oh and I
 forgot! I finished the New Testament yesterday! It was AMAZING!
 (Revelations kinda freaked me out though!) I really have a renewed
 testimony after reading all the way through of the truthfulness of
 that Book. It has been so cool to read the New Testament along side
 Jesus the Christ. I am only about 70 pages short of finishing that
 book! It is a 804 page book. I just couldn’t get enough of it! If you
 haven’t started reading it… DO IT. It is soo good. James E Talmage
 was a genius. Definitely doesn’t miss a thing about the life of Jesus.
 Also it is awesome because it explains a ton of the historical and
 cultural aspects of the life of Jesus. And I am really close to
 finishing Alma too. I am on like Chapter 53 or so. You can probably
 tell that there is about a million hours of study time here! But in
 reality I love it so much! I am just so so ready to go out into the
 field. Sorry this one has been kind of short but life in the MTC
 doesn’t change a whole lot week to week! I love you all SO much! Keep
 me in your prayers as I keep you in mine!

 Elder Ty Michael Russell


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