Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

August 25 2012- Email #6


 It is so good to be able to write to you again! What a
 glorious week it has been for sure! So this week on Tuesday we had
 what is called city tour. President took the three North American
 districts out and about in La Ciudad de Guatemala! We took a bus to
 this place that you should look up on google… it was this way cool
 3d cement map of Guatemala! It was so so cool! President took us all
 and took us through the history of the Book of Mormon and why he
 thinks it happened in Guatemala because of the geography! It was so
 cool!! It took like 2 years to build but it was perfectly accurate and
 I could see my whole mission! Next was the market! So much fun! It was
 literally like the exact same market as in Mexico that we went to. It
 had three levels of shops and it was pretty much all just junk and
 such but I did end up buying this way sick knife for 90 Quetzales.
 When I send home my SD card I will send you all a picture of it. So
 after the market was one of the best times of the city tour….
 WENDYS!!! How glorious was the moment when I sunk my teeth into that
 double baconator! I will never forget it! You try going 45 or so days
 in an MTC and then going to Wendys. it will change your life. I also
 got some nice fries and a large soda. Glorious. I can’t describe my
 satisfaction. I don’t think I have ever eaten so much. So next is a bit
 of a spiritual highlight of the week for me and I hope you enjoy. So
 Elder Jacobsen and I made a goal that while we were on the city tour 
 this past Tuesday we would place a Book of Mormon. After the market we
 tried to share with a few people our message and they just didn’t want
 to hear it. It was a bit discouraging so we said a prayer and asked
 that someones heart may be softened and listen to our message and
 receive a Book of Mormon. So we went to lunch at Wendys then had about
 a half hour to 45 minutes to hang out in the main plaza while waiting
 for the bus. We decided to give our proselyting another try… and it
 worked. So we saw this man sitting down by this huge fountain in the
 middle of this plaza alone so we decided why not? We decided to
 approach a bit stealthily so I went left and Elder Jacobsen went
 right. We ended up both approaching at the same time (As delicate as
 master hunters) and sat down on either side of him. We introduced
 ourselves and told him that we were missionaries and representatives
 of Jesus Christ. The man was about 24 years old and his name was Juan.
 I don’t know what happened (well, I suppose I do… it was the Spirit)
 but I could speak pretty dang good Spanish with this man and
 understand what he was saying back. Elder Jacobsen and I asked him
 some questions about his religious background and told him about our
 religion and the Book of Mormon. We bore our testimonies to him and he
 seemed pretty interested. One of the other Elders in our group got
 some pretty cool pictures of us teaching Juan… I will send those to
 you when I get out in the field. It was such an awesome experience and
 he was an answer to our prayers no doubt. The Lord heard our prayer
 and softened his heart so that he was prepared to listen to two
 gringos in broken Spanish tell about their religious beliefs. I was so
 grateful for the Spirit with me and my companion to recognize that
 Juan was the man ready and willing to listen. We got all his contact
 information and gave it to President Nicholaysen so that other
 missionaries in the field could go and teach him. It was cool. In
 the lesson I taught him how to pray and prayed with him to end our
 lesson. We also committed him to reading in the Book of Mormon and to
 pray about it! Just a solid experience. Way cool. After the city tour
 we went back to the MTC and we went to the Temple. Once again just an
 awesome time in the Temple. So gorgeous and such a strong Spirit
 there. Go often. DO IT. :) After temple was a quick dinner and time for
 devotional. This is another cool experience and I learned some cool
 things. The devotional was by David A Bednar and he talked about the
 doctrine of the Gospel and the role it plays in missionary work. What
 I learned is THE DOCTRINE IS THE ANSWER. Always. I learned a ton more but
 I can’t share it. I am close to out of time. One thing I want you all
 to do for me though is this: Go to Mosiah 24: 13, 14 and 15 and read it.
 It talks about overcoming afflictions and how through the Lord ALL is
 possible. Read it and study it. It has a wonderful gospel truth that I
 will let you figure out for yourselves. Please take it to heart that
 the Lord loves each and every one of you. He will bless you as you are
 faithful to him and to his teachings. Thank you family for all the
 letters! I love it so much on Wednesdays when I have a big stack of
 DearElders!! Keep them coming! I am glad you have all been getting my
 letters. I think I have sent two others so keep watching for them!
 Life is good here! I am loving my life as a missionary and I couldn’t
 ask for anything else! Elder Jacobsen got called as the new Assistant
 to the President here! He is perfect for the job no doubt. Oh and
 also.. funny story. So right before coming to email I was cutting
 Jacobsens hair and I chunked a part in the back way way bad so he had
 to shave all his hair as short as the chunk! It was hilarious! Thanks
 for all the support! I LOVE YOU ALL SO SO MUCH! Until next week:)

Love, Elder Ty Michael Russell


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