Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

August 18 2012- Email #5

Familia! Hola. That is all the Spanish I know. Anyways… thank you all so much for the dearelders! Keep em comin! Elder Jacobsen and I definitely get the most mail in the district. haha.  So for Brit…Cory Henderson and Christian Jacobsen. Loving the MTC right now soooo much! It is the absolute best! I had a rough couple days though… with my stomach. It must be the food because pretty much everyone has the same problem. Anyways.. I am also LOVING being comps with Elder Jacobsen. If he were my companion the rest of my mission I would be content. We get along soo so well and we both work hard every day. It is awesome to have a motivated companion. So last week I mentioned the local market that comes right? So I bought last week these way way sick leather scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures that have stories engraved in the leather. On my BOM is Abinidi on one side and Enos on the other. They are super super cool. Also I bought a soccer jersey for Guatemala that is pretty sweet. Things here are cheap! This upcoming week when the Latinos leave the MTC President takes all the North Americans to a real market outside of the MTC and so look forward to hearing what I find and buy next week. So Mom I am sorry but I can’t use my camera this whole time in the MTC but only today because the Latinos leave on Monday and I definitely can’t use it even today to send home pictures. It stinks. Look forward to those when I get out into the field. One day…. Okay so now for the best part of the week! We went out proselyting on Monday. WOW. What an experience. I got paired up with my favorite Latino Elder De Leon! He is a boss! So cool. So him and I took a bus to a part of the city with a lot of houses and some local markets around and started knockin doors. The first door we knocked on a sick scraggley man came out and we talked to him for like 20 minutes except… I could NOT understand his Spanish! It was horrible. He slurred his Spanish sooo badly and he was sick so Elder De Leon said even for him it was difficult to understand. I did share a scripture and bore my testimony though so it wasn’t too bad. A bit of a rough start though! Next we started contacting people just on the sidewalks and such and we definitely had more success that way. The people were much much easier to understand than the first man and I got to talk a lot more because I knew what was going on! Elder De Leon definitely talked more than me but… hey… he knows spanish….Haha but all in all it was an AWESOME experience! I loved every second of it! A really cool part of this also was at the end the last guy we contacted just got off a bus and Elder De Leon and I went straight for him and I definitely talked more than my latino companion! It was so cool. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet explaining about the restoration. He was definitely interested. And I got some confidence in my Spanish. All in all Elder De Leon and I placed 4 Books of Mormon and got three contacts (As in their address and phone number so other missionaries can go to their houses and teach them). Also, we placed a ton of pamphlets which was really cool! I loved it. I can’t wait to get out into the field and do this every day! In fact, I do get to do it one more time before leaving the MTC… but it is with Elder Jacobsen. Not a latino! That is in a couple weeks though. I am so excited! I think we will do a good job… I hope. So another cool experience is always the Temple! I love the Guatemala Temple. It is super pretty and the Spirit is super strong. Just like any other temple I suppose… I do have a cool story to share. So it is definitely true that on the mission you have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I was having kind of a down day on Wednesday for no particular reason and so I made it a point that as I was in the temple I wanted to feel the Saviors love. It was really a testimony builder for me as I sat in the celestial room praying and an undeniable feeling of love and care came over my heart. It was so uplifting. I will never forget that experience. I love love love the temple now. So yes, definitely go to the temple often. definitely go with a question and something to accomplish. You will receive an answer. I love this gospel and would not be doing anything else but this with my life right now. If anything it is going WAY too fast! Crazy. I am loving all my teachers here. All three of them are super awesome! And Elder Jacobsen and I are definitely the favorites! Tell Grandma I literally don’t have time to read emails here. I dont even read yours. Just dearelder me and I always write back on my p days. Also other members of the fam who have written me tell them the mail takes forever but I always write back I promise! For mom, typical food here is pretty much lots of fruit and tortillas! Also a ton of rice, bread and meat. We have steaks like 3 days a week. I love it! Also a good amount of fish which I enjoy. Every morning I have a bunch of fruit, and eggs with some sort of other side. (beans or other random things) but they are real eggs so I love them! Anyways I better go! My time is up. Love you all sooooo much! Keep me in your prayers as I do for you! Spanish is coming along and so in my Spiritual strength! Always Pray, read, and attend the temple and church! DO IT! Love you all soooooooooooooooooooo much!

Elder Ty Michael Russell


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