Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

August 11 2012- Email #4


So first off… definitely edit this before you share with anyone. These keyboards will be the death of me.  Anyways… first off I had like 2 minutes last week and I got to glance at your emails so thank you so much!  I haven’t looked at them for this week yet but if I have any time left over I will glance at the ones for this week. They are super super strict about the half hour here.  So this week was so so awesome.  One of the highlights was the temple for sure. We got to go to the Guatemala City Temple on Thursday and wow…what a beautiful temple.  It is sooo tiny but really an experience I will never forget.  The session was in English but I did the last part before the celestial room in Spanish!  That was pretty cool!  So another highlight or kinda lowlight was EVERYONE in the MTC has diarrhea. Everyone!  It is terrible.  It must have been something in the food probably Thursday morning because it has been rampant ever since.  A bunch of the kids took the day off yesterday.  Lazy.  I have it too but no way would Elder Jacobsen or I ever take the day off because we had to go to the bathroom.  But…Elder Jacobsen did poop himself at gym yesterday.  Yeah, it is that bad.  I am lucky to have escaped that same fate a time or two.  I suppose all the American food is now out of my system and I am trying to get used to this new food.  Sooo new subject… my Latin friends!!  They are the absolute best!!  Elder Jacobsen and I are definitely the favorite gringos.  We only eat with the Latinos and we go and sing their songs and pray with them every night.  It is so cool.  They tell us that we are pretty much Latinos anyway!  They also say that we are the best at Spanish!  That makes us feel pretty good!  It is super sad that they leave in 8 or 9 days!  But then we get a whole new batch of Latinos!  My Spanish has been going really well I would suppose!  Definite improvement every day!  I got all of your dearelders on Wednesday so thank you soo so much!  I would say that dearelder is the best form of communication so I can actually read them and respond in this email!  Sorry!  Half an hour goes by in a flash.  So the MTC President here is from Draper Utah.  His name is President Nicholaysen or however you spell it.  He owned like 40 taco bells and was the Mission President in Caracas, Venezuela a few years back.  So a cool story for y’all.  I think it was Thursday night Elder Jacobsen and I were out reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish and all these Honduran teenagers and little kids started talking to us for like an hour and a half!  It was kinda hard to understand at times but we communicated really well with them!  There was a nine year old little boy who was the absolute cutest little boy in the world.  No doubt.  He had a Honduran currency worth like 20 cents that he folded up into a little shirt thingy and gave it to me to remember him by!  It was so sweeet! The reason there are a bunch of Honduran people about the MTC grounds is that there is a house called the Casa de Huespedes where families coming to go to the Guatemala City Temple come and stay for a few days at a time so they can get their endowment out and let their kids who are old enough do baptisms.  So every four days or so we get a new group of people staying in a building on the MTC grounds.  So another pretty cool thing.  I have started to memorize a scripture mastery every day.  It has been really useful during lessons.  Elder Jacobsen is probably the most scripturally smart person I have ever met.  He has all 100 scripture mastery scriptures memorized and even more.  He is starting to memorize them in Spanish.  So crazy!  So something really awesome!  I am going proselyting on Monday!  Like out in the real world!  I AM SOOOO EXCITED.  I think they put each North American with a Latin companionship and send them out in trios to knock doors and such.  So definitely be looking forward to hearing about my experience on that next Saturday!  I switched some of my cash to Quetzales this week too!  The money here is kinda weird.  It is cool though. Eight Quetzales in 1 American dollar.  More or less.  So that is really cool.  There is a local market that comes to the MTC every Saturday so I get to go to that after email time today!  I want to buy a cool case for my Spanish scriptures.  So the gospel library is sooo awesome!  I have now read Our Search for Happiness, Our Heritage, and I am working on Jesus the Christ.  Wow.  Please take time and read these books.  They are so insightful and full of powerful testimony of the church. Especially Jesus the Christ.  James E Talmage was a genius. Read Our Search for Happiness first.  It is relatively short and simple and really insightful.  Great Stories. Our Heritage is all about church history and is super cool and Jesus the Christ is about… well…Jesus.  So read them!  Or start!  And keep reading the scriptures and start if you aren’t.  So many blessings from reading the scriptures every day.  Especially El Libro de Mormon.  I am almost done with the New Testament and I am about half way done with Alma now.  I am loving loving loving it.  Also pray every night as a family.  Do it.  By the way… I am out of candy!  Just a friendly reminder.  Oh and something cool… I gave my first haircut today!  Elder Jacobsen had clippers and I went to town. It was sick!  By the way,.. I have now been on my mission for a month.  Craziness.  Love you all sooooo much.  I have a few more minutes so I am going to read all my e-mails with the time I have left.  Thank you all soooo much for your support.  You all mean the world to me.  Every one of you.  I think about you all every day. 

 Elder Ty Michael Russell.


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