Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

August 4 2012- Email #3

What up familia, so once again this is a spanish keyboard and i have
no idea how to use it. so deal with the grammer mistakes and such. i
also only have 30 minutes so i didnt get to read any of your emails.
my address is boulevard vista hermosa 23 71 zona 15 vista hermosa 1
guatemala, ciudad de guatemala. anyways… so the mailing system here
kinda stinks terribly so i am trying to figure it all out but it is
difficult. things down here dont always get explained very well. by
the way apparently on spanish keyboards there is no shift key. super
weird. anyways… so after the crazy day at the airport of tuesday
life has been going pretty smoothly. the food here you would all just
die to eat. seriously. i like it and i dont like latin food. you would
loooove it. especially mom. also, you have to literally eat everything
on your plate no matter what it is and i have eatten some things i
would NEVER eat at home. but honestly i am enjoying it anyway. trying
new things has been really good! the bus ride to the guatemala mtc
from the airport was really really cool. the bus was just an old
school bus and our luggage shoved in the back. the humidity here is
not bad at all. it must be the elevation i suppose. but everyone that
i talk to here about retalhuleu says it is HOT. that is the first
thing they say. haha but i am really excited. it was SO nice to talk
to you all on tuesday. seriously i think the flight being delayed was
the best thing in the world. we had such a long time to talk it was
great. talk to you agani next christmas i suppose! to write me letters
i would just suggest using dear elder… i think it will just work out
better and easier. i dont know if it costs money or not though. so the
temple here is only one block away and it seperated by a shell station
(gas station) that they church has been trying to buy forever but cant
get them to sell.. but anyway my point is the temple is pretty much
right outside my classroom window. i was super surprised how small it
was! but it is sooooo beautiful. i cant wait to go do a session there.
i think this upcoming monday or tuesday i will be able to. this is p
day kinda but it is only half a p day. monday is the other half.
really weird. the weather in the city is gorgeous. it does rain
probably once or twice a day but other than that it is perfect! Elder
Jacobsen and i study outside during personal study in the mornings
sometimes. gym time here is really awesome. they have a volleyball net
set up so naturally i play that every single day. we always get some
really good games going. it is way way fun. especially playing with
the natives. it is so funny. speaking of the natives. they absolutely
LOVE Elder Jacobsen and me. we always sit with them at meals and play
with them during gym time. they are hilarious. they laugh at us so
much (mostly because of our poor spanish) and also because we say
american expressions in spanish (hold your horses) (what in the world)
things like that. they laugh every time. also we taught them to say
(sup) and (peace out). they are hilarious. they are only here for
three weeks though. in my district there is no natives. only
northamericans. also, i have no native comapanion. i guess the man in
provo who told us that was misinformed. the teachers here are super
fun and helpful. my teachers are Hermano Espada and Hermana Lopez.
they are both from guatemala and are super super cool. spanish has
been going really well. i am definitely picking it up here way faster
because we literally speak it all day. i would rather speak spanish
than english any day. sometimes out teachers do speak english. all
three know it really well. (we have another teacher at night but i
cant remember his name). some of the elders and hermanas in my
district dont know spanish very well at all so they help them that way
sometimes. my room is really nice. i am on top bunk and the floors are
all tile. (i swear i am going to slip and break my head one day) it is
slippery. So Elder Jacobsen… he is sooooooo cool. his Dad manages a
church ranch near Orlando Florida. he lives the life. (For Dad) he
kills hogs on his ranch ALL THE TIME. i told him when we get back
there is no option. you and i are going to go kill some hogs on his
ranch. there are a ton he says. sooo Elder Jacobsen and i get along
super well. he has had three years of spanish and he was actually in
the intermediate class in provo… so yeah he is pretty good. it is
nice to teach lessons with someone who knows (almost) as much as i do!
we have taught two lessons together so far and both have gone super
super well. life in the Guatemala MTC is scheduled really similar to
provo. study a lot of the day. meals. and teach progressing
investigators (our teachers). so it really isnt too much different
than provo. my district here has 2 girls (or Hermanas) in it. they are
super nice. i got chase and jarins addresses from them on email so
dont worry ab out finding it for me. thanks. love you all soooo much.
i will write yo unext week. i am out of time. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL

Elder Ty Michael Russell


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