Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission


Yesterday, (July 31, 2012) our family got to talk to Ty on the phone at the airport! His flight got delayed so he was stuck in the SLC airport all day! The plus was we got to talk to him a lot longer than we would have if the flight was not delayed. :) Ty told us that hey had to rearrange his flights so instead of flying to Dallas, Texas then from Dallas to Guatemala he flew to LA then from LA to Guatemala. On his flight to Guatemala he somehow got to sit in first class! So cool! Anyway, he wrote us today to let us know that he got to the Guatemala MTC safe. Here is the letter…

Family, so i am typing on a spanish keyboard and i dont know how to
> do anything so this letter will have no grammatical sense. anyways, i
> am doing well. we arrived in guatemala city at the mtc around 730 and
> had a quick breakfast and met our roommates and new companions. my
> companion is from florida. his dad manages a church ranch down there
> by orlando. he is really cool and has had 3 years of spanish so i am
> definitely happy. everything with teh flight went well so don{t worry
> about me. all my luggage and everything worked out perfectly. i only
> have ten minutes to send this email so i am sorry it is so short. i
> cant tell you how happy i was to talk to you all yesterday. you all
> are in my prayers and i love you all soooo much. so quick cool story.
> at the airport in lax waiting for my flight to guatemala i met a man
> named juan and he was from guatemala going to visit his famiily. we
> chatted in spanish for a bit and i asked him what he knew of the
> church. he was a tiny bit familiar and actually owned a book of
> mormon. this was all in spanish by the way. anyways… he said he
> believed in god but not church and i talked to him and taught him a
> bit and i made him promise me he would read the joseph smith story
> again and pray to know it was true. he said he wouldnt promise for
> sure but he would give it some thought. i was so surprised how well i
> could speak spanish with him. definitely the gift of tongues for a
> breif bit. it was so so awesome. the mtc here is really nice. i enjoy
> my new teachers. they both know english but of course they only speak
> spanish to me but understanding is so easy. the speaking part is the
> difficulty. elder henderson is still in my district. good luck with
> everything family. write me soon okay. by the way i cant use my usb
> cord in here while at the mtc so we are out of luck. love you all.
> have a good week. i think my p day is on saturday.

<elder ty michael russell


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