Elder Ty Russell

Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission

July 25 2012- Email #2

Dear familia,
Wow so crazy week again! Seriously the days here feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. This is my last P-Day here in the MTC in Provo so next time we chat you will be getting a phone call from me in the SLC airport. I received my travel itinerary. LV: Salt Lake City 12:20 PM on American Airlines flight 1980 on 31 JUL 2012. AR: Dallas/Ft Worth TX 3:55 PM. LV: Dallas/Ft Worth TX 4:50 PM flight 2195 on American Airlines; AR: Guatemala City 7:00 PM. So there ya go. I will call whenever I can that day. Probably about 10:00 or so at the SLC airport and around 4:15 at the TX airport. So look forward to that on the 31st! Happy pioneer day yesterday everyone! How did the fireworks go? My classroom at the MTC is on the 5th floor of our building so we could see fireworks from around the Provo valley during our devotional. Last night we had another emeritus 70 come and speak to us. It was really cool. I kinda forgot his name though. He was a good speaker and the Spirit was definitely strong. How is Dad doing? Is his foot doing okay? Definitely keep me updated on that okay? I have been keeping him in my prayers the best I can. (Sometimes it is hard because all my prayers are in Spanish and I don’t always know how to articulate what I want to say) :) Spanish is going well! We are teaching two new mock investigators now all in Spanish. It can get difficult sometimes but we have had some really cool lessons and I think I am getting the hang of it. Cool story: So on Mondays members of the church who know Spanish volunteer to come and listen to missionary companionships give lessons in Spanish. Pretty much the same as home teaching or something similar. It was a twenty minute lesson and Elder Henderson and I shared the story of the first vision and about Joseph Smith restoring the gospel to the earth. So I talked about how grateful I was that the power of God was on the earth today and I hadn’t planned on sharing a personal story or anything but when the Spirit says something, you do it. Haha so I shared how grateful I was for the Preisthood with this old lady, probably 65 or so, and the Spirit told me to share with her the story of Dad blessing Abby before her surgery when she was born. With my broken Spanish I told the story to this old lady and how I knew that my little sister was alive because of my Dad blessing her. I can’t even tell you how strong the Spirit was. It was bursting out of my chest! The old lady started crying while telling the story and she said “This is why I volunteer to do this, this is why.” It was so cute. She said on the comment card after the lesson “Poor Spanish, Rich in the Spirit”. I suppose i’ll take it:) So Dad, thank you for your example and preisthood power to bless our family. By the way, thanks for the Jerky Dad! That was so nice! My district loves it! I suppose it is goose? One of my buddies found buckshot in one of the peices he was eating! So funny. Thanks for the package this week guys! It was so nice to get some candy and other stuff. The carry-on will work just great. Thank you! The fees for overweight baggage are ridiculous so that was definitely necessary. As to the voice recorder, yes. That is a good idea. It just kinda slipped my mind last week. I totally appreciate all of the letters I get from you great people! Thank you:) Mom, the cookes were really good in the package, although a little overdone;) Tell little baby Abby thanks for the letters. She is so cute. I send her, Brit, and Jake a letter just now so they should get it sometime soon. Sorry for e-mailing so late today, I just had so much to get done and I just got back from the Temple. The Provo Temple is really beautiful. It was fun to go and serve for a few hours. Tell Joe and Steve that I lost their addresses before I left so I can’t write them right now until I have their address. Elder Henderson and I are doing really great together. One difference though… I am always ready about 20 minutes in advance, and he is always… not. He is a bit slow. haha but it is fine. I just take the advice of exact obedience very seriously and it is slightly more of a guideline for him.I know it probably sounds dumb. But when you are with someone literally all day every day for two weeks little things start to annoy. I was thinking the other night though and you know who he reminds me of? Brandon Neilson. Exactly. I am not even joking. It is so weird. But anyways… I am getting a little sick of the food here, that’s for sure. It is good food always but cafeteria food isn’t always super apetizing! Me and another Elder (Elder Lawson) get up every moring at 6 and run about a mile and a half. The rest of our district is bums and sleeps in until 6:30. I want Mt. Dew. They have it here, but it had no caffeine. ugh. Haha so I wanted a few peoples addresses. Jarin Lamph and Chase Driggs. Their actual addresses so I can send them each a letter when I get to Guatemala. Also you should send  me international stamps so when I get to Guatemala I don’t have to buy them because I am super poor. My district is really close as a group. Our teachers, Hermano Woodhouse and Hermana Baer love us! The four of us going to Guatemala on the 31st are really sad to leave all of the guys. They are great. And just so you know… Most parents actually e-mail their sons on their missions… I always get on and have no e-mail to read and respond to! So write me DearElders and paper letters but also send me a family e-mail each week so I can respong in this e-mail. I don’t know what the P-Day is in Guatemala so who knows the next time I will actually get to e-mail you. How is Grandpa Russell doing? Keep me updated on his health if you will. I got a letter from him this week. It was difficult to decipher some parts but it meant a lot. Grandma Mosher and Grandpa Mosher also all wrote me! I really apprecitate that. How did Grandma do at the lot last night? I am sure it was tough. Is Jake doing okay at Debate camp? I hope he is learning a lot. Tell Dad to update me on our Sunday school class every once in awhile. I miss teaching those guys. In fact, I miss teaching in English!!! Life at the MTC is so awesome and so Spiritual… but it sure is stressful. I am learning to deal though. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with Spanish and everything when a lesson doesn’t go well but I have learned to put all faith in the Lord. He has helped put words in my mouth in lessons thus far so I know he can and is helping me. Contine praying for me okay? Love you all so much! Keep on writing okay???? OKAY??? :) Love you all!
With love,
Elder Ty Michael Russell
P.S. So I got my haircut today… and I asked her to trim it up a bit. She took CLIPPERS to my hair! The sides are soooooo short! I feel like I am in the ARMY. I wasn’t happy. But I suppose I look more like the Lords Servant.

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